I’ve been in the heating and cooling industry for more than 30 years. While I could install a boiler blindfolded, I won’t. Customer satisfaction is more important to me than business gimmicks. When I show up for a furnace service or a plumbing problem or anything else you might need, i’m confident that when I leave, I won’t leave you with any questions and I won’t leave without proving my stellar reputation for quality work and service.

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EEN Partner

As a partner with Efficiency Vermont, you can be assured that we install the highest quality and most efficient heating and cooling systems available. Many of these systems qualify for energy rebates from Efficiency VT.

Plumbing, Heating, Cold Climate Heat Pumps and Water Heaters


Radiant Floor Heating

I often get asked if Radiant floor heat is better than either Hot Air Heat or a standard Base Board heating system. There is no clear cut answer. If you enjoy warm feet but want to save on your heating bills, Radiant Floor. If you want even heat but don’t want to spend the additional 20% initial installation cost, baseboard is the way to go. If your plans include Central Air Conditioning, a Hot Air system may be the ticket. All systems have their pros and cons over each other. Contact us for a free consultation of your heating and cooling needs. We Are up to date in new technology equipment as well as the age proven equipment you may recognize.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

There is a new phrase being used around Vermont, Cold Climate Heat Pump. What is it? Well put simply,  it's a combination heater and air conditioner all rolled up in a little slick wall hung box. It's better looking than a box and it can save you a bunch of money! 

Because it can heat and cool, for most of the year it can be used instead of you heating system and air conditioner(s). It runs off of a condenser much like a central air conditioner but because it converts your AC power to DC voltage, it consumes less than 1/2 of what you would normally use to heat or cool your home. People ask me how much does it cost to run a day; I tell them for air conditioning about $1 a day, and for heating about $2 a day. Of course I can't guarantee that is what it will cost you, but I won't be too far off! Can you heat you home for less than $70 a month?  And because they have models that can run in temperatures down to -15 F, you can use it efficiently for most of the year. They also have models that can heat or cool up to four areas of your home at the same time..

What is "High Efficiency" and why should I consider it?

In Vermont, the largest operating expense of your home is the heating and cooling bills. If you have lower efficiency equipment (usually below 90% efficiency) your cost to operate takes a bigger bite out of your budget. You figure, for every dollar you spend in heating or cooling your home you get 90 cents back in heat or cooling, you have a very efficient system. Now if you get 95 cents back, you are only losing 5 cents in various losses. This savings is substantial over standard efficiency equipment of between 75-82%.

Bosch gas boilers achieve that 95% efficiency rating and can lower your cost to operate by up to 20% annually.

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